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Here is the latest news regarding GR-TV and upcoming events.

Thalassa Cruise

Thalassa Cruise

THALASSA CRUISE presents a 7 day cruise like no other - GREEKFEST AT SEA! Enjoy breathtaking views aboard the luxurious Rhapsody of the Seas whilst cruising the South Pacific Seas for 7 glorious days and nights...BOOK NOW

Infidelity - Labour Day Eve

INFIDELITY | Lets Fall In Love

HIGH FIDELITY bar lounge 461 BOURKE STREET Melbourne, Australia



Greek Idol is coming to GR-TV

So you think you can sing? Forget Australian Idol. GR-TV will be on the lookout for our very own Greek Idol. Auditions will be held soon so keep watching the show for dates and times. This will be more fun than Idol ever was !


The MARIA'S to join GR-TV

The Marias – The Woggiest Chicks on The Block (“The Marias”) is the story of five women of different ethnicities – Greek, Italian, Serbian, Lebanese and Aussie. The show is in tune with the whole ‘wog’ theme but unlike what has been done before. We have fast tracked the wog comedy to the year 2000+. The word MARIA is an acronym for the girls’ first names i.e. M for Maureen, A for Adrianna, R for Rima, I for Ivanka and A for Alexia. We chart their hilarious coming of age odyssey though not in the expected chronological order with mixed various skits accompanied by their renditions of musical numbers taken from modern pop artists i.e. Pussy Cat Dolls, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.